Where Technology Enhances Tradition

So much of what we do relies upon generations of traditions and customs in comforting families who have experienced loss. Gathering with the family is an instinctual and compassionate response for people. Our mission is to provide a comfortable environment and professional service that leaves a family with only one responsibility; greeting their guests and celebrating the life of their loved one.

Technology is now a part of our service.

When you enter Sheehy Funeral Home, among the first things you’ll see is a large screen image of the person you are there to honor and a directory to which chapel the visitation is in. It can also relate the information for religious services and place of burial. The person you are coming to honor is usually the first image you will see upon entering. Aside from the very practical benefits of this use of technology, it is viewed as a very warm welcome too.

When you enter our chapel, we have an electronic kiosk for registering visitors. It’s still new for many people, so we have an attendant nearby to help anyone use the kiosk to register their name and address in the guestbook. It’s easy to use and our families have appreciated how much easier it has made it for them to send “Thank you” cards after the services. The technology of the electronic registry has eliminated the problem of trying to decipher handwriting and more complete information is available when the services are over. We provide completely accurate pre-printed envelopes addressed to your guests who signed in at the visitation, saving families hours of time and effort when the efficiency is most appreciated.

At Sheehy Funeral Home, we’re always looking for any way to make a difficult time a little easier.