A Rose Comes Into Bloom Only When We Do Everything Right

One of the most beautiful and rewarding things that happen to us is something we call a “Rose”. That’s what we refer to the letters and cards that come to us after we’ve completed services for a family. “It means a great deal to us when a family takes the time to tell us we exceeded their expectations. The whirlwind of emotions that occurs when a loved one passes is so overwhelming, that when a family sends us a card telling us that we helped them through this difficult experience, it just means a great deal to us”, according to Bob Sheehy. Adding, “With everything they have on their mind, it’s just very touching for them to think of thanking us. We save every one of these notes”.

They’re not just saved. Every member of the Staff is given the opportunity to read the “roses”. Often, one of our Funeral Directors or another valued staff member is being specifically thanked when Sheehy Funeral Home goes above and beyond in the area of servicing the families that have trusted them for 3 generations on Chicago’s South Side, with funeral homes in Burbank and Orland Park. “It’s just nice. They don’t have to do it, so when they do, it’s pretty special” said Jim Sheehy. A rose by any other name is a testament to a job well done.