SHEEHY FUNERAL HOME “Where Technology Enhances Tradition”

Technology helps provide a warm welcome to families. It also makes saying “thank you” easier. 

Upon entering Sheehy Funeral Home, one of the first things you’ll see is the person you came to honor. Our directory display shows your loved one’s image on our electronic screen and also a directory to the chapel where the visitation is taking place. It will also show additional information for religious services, place of burial or other important information regarding the arrangements. So, the person you are coming to honor is usually the first image you will see upon entering. While there are certainly practical elements to the use of technology, the warmth of seeing your loved one is the greatest benefit to the use of technology. It’s the best way to say “Welcome” and “Thank you”.

We also have electronic kiosks in our chapels for guests to register their name and address in an electronic guestbook. It’s easy to use, but if there is any difficulty at all, a member of our attentive staff is standing by who can assist. This registry has taken away one of the most difficult problems for families after the services. All of the information is transferred and given to the family, along with pre-printed envelopes of your visitors. Families no longer struggle with reading hand-writing or having to look up additional information to thank their friends for coming and honoring their loved one. Hours of time are saved with this service, and so many families let us know how helpful it has been to them after the services have concluded. In a traditional service like ours, these uses of technology have been truly appreciated.

At Sheehy Funeral Home, we’re always looking for any way to make a difficult time a little easier.

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