Letters of Compassion, Care and Gratitude

When Sheehy Funeral Home receives “thank you” notes, we place them in a file labeled “Roses”. Because to us, that’s what they are; a beautiful reminder that a family appreciated our service to them in a very difficult time for them. When we consider that they took the time to sit down and write to us, it’s especially encouraging. Of course, it makes us feel good that we have helped comfort a family beyond their expectations. That’s something we strive for with every family we care for. We save all of these notes in our Roses file, and we refer back to them frequently. Every member of our staff sees every Rose we receive. It’s a reminder to all of us just how important it is to make sure we think of everything and see to it every detail is taken care of.


To the families who send these beautiful notes, the Sheehy Family thanks you. It’s a privilege to provide services to you, in many cases for several generations. The common words we see in all of these notes are compassion, care and gratitude directed toward our service. We feel the same way about the families we serve. It’s not necessary to send a note. At the same time, we’ll add one more word to those special words that we see in these special notes; Grateful. We are grateful for being the family you trust with your loved one.


For at-need services, pre-planning services or any questions you may have, we would be honored to speak with you any time of day or night. Our funeral homes are located in Orland Park and Burbank. Contact us at 708-857-7878 or http://www.sheehyfh.com/


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