Generations of the Sheehy Family serving generations of your family.

“I’ve been going to Sheehy’s since I was a young child” says Willie Winters, a lifelong Southside resident who grew up in a family that always paid their respects to the families in the tight knit communities of Chicago’s Southwest side and close in suburbs, like Beverly, Mt. Greenwood, Scottsdale, Burbank, Oak Lawn and Evergreen Park. It would be easy to go on and even start mentioning all the Parishes that helped keep those families so close. What Willy remembers then and continues to see now, is the legacy of service for 3 Generations of the Sheehy Family. Willy remembers Robert Sheehy Sr. and is a contemporary of Bob and Jim Sheehy now. “What has remained constant is the ‘Air of Dignity’ among the entire family. It continues to today”. While so many things have changed about funeral homes, like Pre-planning, Cremation, Memorial Services, etc., it remains vitally important to the Sheehy Family that the continued professional service and that “air of dignity” never change. Generations of the Sheehy Family have been assisting generations of Chicago area families in Burbank and Orland Park for over a century. They’re there when you need them, day or night, every day of the year.

To discuss funeral planning options at time of need or for a complimentary pre-planning session with our professional Funeral Directors click here or contact us at 708-857-7878.


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