Memorial Services Offer Families Flexibility

When a loved one passes away, the timing can create obstacles for many families trying to honor their loved one and include everyone who would like to come. Whether it’s out of town relatives and friends, or the time constraints that cause difficulty with attending services during weekdays, we hear people when they express the wishes to make services more convenient for their families and the families comforting them. At Sheehy Funeral Home, Saturday afternoons have become a time where families can plan Memorial Services to optimize the opportunity for people to attend. Families aren’t bound to a cemetery schedule the next day. As Bill Kiley of Sheehy Funeral Home explains, “any way we can ease the pressure on families at a time of loss, is a responsibility we take seriously. We’ll accommodate their needs and we ensure they know this kind of service is available”.

If you would like to discuss a Memorial Service with Bill Kiley or another Funeral Director please (click here)

Consultations are a complimentary service at Sheehy Funeral Home and there is no obligation.


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