What Families look for more than anything is Trust.

In the past, the determining factor in choosing a funeral home had more to do with location and being close to the neighborhood. What has transcended that now that families are more spread out, is a sense of trust. Knowing that a family is managing the care of your loved one and will be with you every step of the way is important to families. What hasn’t changed and never will, is that these services are the last time a family will have an opportunity to honor the life of their loved one and offer extended family and friends the opportunity to offer comfort, share precious experiences and say farewell as a community to a very loved member of their family.

Connecting to a Funeral Home that’s been there for generations with a family maintaining long relationships over time is important to people. With over 100 years in business, the Sheehy Family has provided funeral services to as many as five generations of families who have chosen them at their time of need or for prearrangements. As Bob Sheehy says, “it really comes down to trust.” It’s a privilege to have the trust of the families who choose Robert Sheehy & Sons.

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