Sheehy Funeral Home took care of everything.

In the case of Pat Byrne, when he experienced a terrible loss, he was already a very close friend of Bob Sheehy. It’s only with reflection over some years that Pat wondered how Bob was able to handle the professional elements of arranging and directing funeral services and yet be the emotionally supportive dear friend to him at the very same time. The Sheehy Family has been taking care of family, and friends for 3 generations and over 100 years. After that much time, so many of the families you serve are friends and neighbors and people we know and love. When it’s such a close friend, it reminds you of the impact of losing a treasured loved one. That’s a feeling we do our best to remember with every family we make arrangements for. It’s also a great reminder of what a privilege it is to be in the position to provide the service we provide.

We’re here 24 hours a day, and 365 days a year to help families in Orland Park and in Burbank. For any questions about our Services, Memorials, Cremation,Pre-Planning or At-Need, Contact us at 708.857.7878

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