Trust is Everything

There was a time a couple of generations ago where the “neighborhood” funeral home was automatically where you went. It’s just the way things were for families who never considered anywhere else.

Today, that has changed. Families are more spread out and there are many factors to consider before entrusting the services of your loved one to someone or some place. Bob Sheehy will tell you the greatest factor is “Trust”. A Family Funeral Home like Robert J. Sheehy & Sons that has been around a long time in Orland Park and Burbank have the skill, knowledge and reputation, for over 100 years, understand how important Trust is to families. ¬†Knowing that a family is directing the care of your loved one and will be with you every step of the way is important. What has always been true, and always will be, is that these services are the last bit of time that families will have the opportunity to honor their loved one, share fellowship with family and friends together in the presence of that loved one, and properly be able to say their farewell.

You have to get it right, every time, and there are no second chances. That’s why Trust is so important. Bob and Jim Sheehy were taught that by two generations who came before them. With over a century in business, the Sheehy Family has provided services for 5 and even 6 generations of families on the South and Southwest sides of the Chicago area. Simply stated by Bob Sheehy, “It has truly been our privilege”.

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