We’ve Redecorated from Top to Bottom


We’ve been busy redecorating our funeral homes for the past 2 months. We’ve been working day and night to accommodate our families and beautify our space, under the watchful eye of Kathy Sheehy. In all, we addressed every nook, cranny, chapel, lounge and foyer from floor to ceiling, furniture and fixtures, and wall textures. We even changed the colors of the coffee cups and Kleenex boxes. No detail was left uncovered on Kathy’s watch in both Burbank and Orland Park.


 Our families deserve the most welcoming and modern space we can provide. More sunlight, more beautiful textures, including a 9 step applique wall covering through the entire foyer and hall space. Kathy also added many more accessories including decorative candles, vases, wall hangings, mirrors, counters, cabinets, and greenery. We want you to feel at home here, and we’ve updated our space to make you feel even more at home.