The most important virtue when serving a family is “Trust”

In the confusing and disconcerting moments after a loss of a loved one, there is no more important virtue than Trust. Decades ago, there was little thought where a loved one would receive services and to whom the care of that loved one would be turned over to. There was a family funeral home in the neighborhood where people instinctively went to. If anything, there may have been a choice based on faith affiliation. Most funeral homes were indeed operated by long standing families within the parish, or small geographical communities people lived in.

As families expanded and moved further away from the close-knit neighborhoods they’d spent generations in, the decision on who to call when you experienced a loss changed. There was less familiarity. Some of the families that operated funeral homes weren’t the same families, some became corporate owned entities. The guarantee that there was a close relationship between generations of your family and generations of the family operating the funeral home didn’t necessarily apply anymore. But in some cases, that still held true, and the trust built over decades was still in place.

Robert J. Sheehy & Sons Funeral Home has been a trustworthy choice for over a hundred years. Grandfathers, Fathers, Sons, and their entire families have dedicated their lives to providing the professional and compassionate service to families on the South and Southwest sides of Chicago their entire lives. For generations. Trust has been the virtue that has been ingrained in our family and something we consider absolutely precious to us as we continue to serve our families in our communities no matter how widespread those communities become.

We always want to be the Family that your Family Trusts. We think about that and work at it every day…and night. We’re here for you when you need us.

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