“What we want more than anything is for our space to feel like your home”


When it came time to design and decorate Robert Sheehy & Sons Funeral Home in our Orland Park location, our theme from the outset was “home”. The themes were clear to us. Warm, inviting, soft colors, sunlight, open space, welcoming, cozy…Kathy Sheehy understood clearly which was the most important word in Funeral Home. It was a “home” part of the space that she got to work on early. She understood the need for people to get away and take a little break during the services. The lounges need to be bright and airy and splashed with sunlight. The finishes had to be durable, but cheerful. Lots of electrical outlets too!


When families are here, this is their home. These are their guests; their families and friends. This is the place where they can comfort one another, share stories, celebrate together, grieve together, heal together, and share whatever feelings and experiences they would share in their own homes. If we have made people feel that way, we have succeeded in starting a process to help them find comfort at a difficult time. Pretty, comfortable, cozy, and inviting are all very important words and feelings to us. When you need us, we are here to make our home, your home.


When people come in to go to a visitation, make pre-planning arrangements, or have the difficult responsibility of making at-need funeral arrangements, it is vital to us at Sheehy Funeral Home that we make the environment here as warm and comforting as we possibly can.


For pre-arrangement questions, at-need services or any questions you may have, we’re available every day around the clock to serve your family at 708.857-7878 or www.sheehyfh.com with our locations in Orland Park and Burbank.



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