Memorial Services offer some important flexibility

The timing of a loved ones passing is never easy. There are times when the complicating factors are even greater with extended family out of town, holidays, school schedules, or any variety of reasons that make it more difficult for people to attend services and offer families the comfort they truly want to be able to share. Robert Sheehy & Sons Funeral Director Bill Kiley explains how Memorial Services have grown in frequency to allow families more time to plan the service and maximize the ability for people to attend and honor the life of their loved ones.

Often, it’s been Saturday afternoon Memorial Services since there isn’t the added pressure of a cemetery schedule the next day to be concerned with or locked into. It fits into many more schedules and relieves pressure on families rushing to meet timelines. As Bill Kiley states, “Any way we can ease the pressure and offer comfort to families at a time of loss, it’s our responsibility to do so, and we take it very seriously. We will accommodate their wants and needs and we will absolutely make sure they know this kind of service is available to them.”

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