We call the Beautiful Notes of Thank You we receive “Roses”. We treasure them.

We save every note we get from families in a file we call “Roses”. Naturally they are a beautiful expression by families that make us feel good. They’re actually more than that, to us. They’re a reminder of how much it means to people when we do everything we need to do, and we’ve promised to do, to ensure that their experience is a beautiful remembrance of a person they loved so deeply.

We encourage our entire staff to revisit our Roses File often to remind them of the things that mean the very most to people under trying and difficult circumstances. It is never lost on us how much effort and strength it takes for a family to think of us at a time where they have just experienced a loss. We know that it’s our responsibility to make them feel better and make them as comfortable as we possibly can. We want to attend to every detail from the most obvious, to the most intuitive, based on continually honing our listening skills to know what we can do to provide the very best service and experience we can create. It is our privilege to be serving families for 3 generations and over 100 years.

When we receive a note letting us know we’ve done just that; it’s a rose.

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