Funeral Services with an “Air of Dignity”, Always

“Just the way the Sheehy’s conducted themselves, there was an Air of Dignity, always” ~ Willie Winters, lifelong Southsider 


Children who grew up on the South and Southwest sides of Chicago went to a lot of wakes. Your parents brought you. Your grandparents brought you. Your neighbors brought you. It was something you were expected to do, just as generations of your family had done; pay respects to the family who had a loss. The communities and parishes were tight on the southside and the southwest suburbs so many of the families migrated to. Ask a southsider where they’re from and they’ll likely give you the name of a Parish, a neighborhood or the cross streets. More than likely you’ll get all three and then a full report of the families who lived on the block. If a neighborhood person did really well and got a law degree, became an MD or got a PhD; they’d still tell you where they went to high school first! 


Willie Winters is a neighborhood guy. Active in the community his entire life, engaged with St. Xavier, the Beverly Area Planning Committee, many political activities and a long list of community service performed over decades, he remembers generations of the Sheehy Family. He speaks about the Legacy of Service of the family, the classy way that they take care of families. While so familiar with Bob and Jim Sheehy as contemporaries and their father, he remembers that the service provided to the close-knit community was like an orchestra that hit every note perfectly. He called it “an air of dignity.” That’s something generations of families continued to experience and continued to return to in their time of need. They could focus on grieving and welcoming their friends and family, while Bob, Jim, their outstanding Directors and Staff took care of every other detail. 


While so many things have changed about funeral homes, like Pre-planning, Cremation, Memorial Services, etc., it remains vitally important to the Sheehy Family that the continued professional service and that “air of dignity” never change. Generations of the Sheehy Family have been assisting generations of Chicago area families in Burbank and Orland Park for over a century. They’re there when you need them, day or night, every day of the year.


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