A Rose by any other name is a Sincere Thank You! 

Bob Sheehy proudly declares, “We call them Roses.” Roses being those regularly received ‘Thank you notes’ in the mail at Robert J Sheehy & Sons Funeral Home in Orland Park. All of these “Roses” are saved in a very large special file folder. There are times where things get incredibly busy and/or difficult, where the Roses File becomes the place to turn to get some perspective, and a reminder of what our true mission is here. It is helping a family in their most difficult and desperate moments. It’s endeavoring to provide the kind of effort and deeds that are never forgotten. When you refer to yourself as a ‘Family Owned & Operated Funeral Home’, it implies your standard of service is naturally much higher. It implies a promise that you will be treated like family. For over a century, this has been true for the Sheehy Family. It’s not just a commitment, it’s a covenant with the generations of Southside Families we’ve served for over 100 years. 

Roses are a reminder and a confirmation of what it looks like when we’ve done what we work hard to do every time, with every family. When these emotionally exhausting and physically exhausting services are complete, and often loved ones are still coping with their grief, they have the desire and energy to compliment our services and acknowledge that we made the most difficult of times a bit easier for them, it means everything to us. There are never too many Roses in the file. Our entire family and staff are uplifted by these wonderful, precious notes and letters. While it’s not necessary to send a rose, it sure is nice and makes us feel extra special. 

So, Thank you to all of the families who entrust the arrangements of your loved ones to the Sheehy Family and professional staff. We’re grateful and it’ a privilege to serve your family. And to all who have sent Roses, or offered their kind thanks to us in person, or let us know in any other way, thank you for the lovely kindness. 

For at-need services, pre-planning services or any questions you may have, we would be honored to speak with you any time of day or night. Our funeral homes are located in Orland Park and Burbank. Contact us at 708-857-7878 or http://www.sheehyfh.com/

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