We designed our funeral home to be like a home for the families we serve.



“It’s tough enough for people to be at a wake. It was important to have a warm place, with soft tones, a lot of natural light, comfortable and welcoming. That went into the planning for every part of the building” according to Bob Sheehy. Kathy Sheehy shared that vision and the talent to make it a reality. “People need a place to welcome their families and friends like it was their own home. That was the mindset we needed. People need to take a little break throughout the services, so it was very important to make sure that space provided the comfort to do that. Our coffee and break area provides families a place to put out refreshments and enjoy a lovely space to get away for brief periods of time” says Kathy who helped with the design and all of the accents at Sheehy’s.


When people come in to go to a visitation, make pre-planning arrangements, or have the difficult responsibility of making at-need funeral arrangements, it is vital to us at Sheehy Funeral Home that we make the environment here as warm and comforting as we possibly can.


For pre-arrangement questions, at-need services or any questions you may have, we’re available every day around the clock to serve your family at 708.857-7878 or www.sheehyfh.comwith our locations in Orland Park and Burbank.


Connect with Sheehy-
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SheehyFuneralHome

Twitter: https://twitter.com/SheehyFH

Blog: https://sheehyfh.wordpress.com/

Website: http://www.sheehyfh.com

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